◊ Landowners Announce “Encampment” in Bath County to Stop Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Preserve Unique Old Growth Forest – Blue Virginia, 6.25.18

  • “We are happy to invite folks to our property on beautiful Miracle Ridge,” said Bill Limpert, property owner in Bath County who is hosting the encampment. “Together we will share the beauty of our old growth forest, walk under the ancient trees, and learn about the devastating negative impacts that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would bring to us, our neighbors, and tens of thousands of others on or near the proposed route.” 


 California Timber Battle – Douglas-firs – Cal Alumni Association, California Magazine, 2.13.18

  • “Rainbow Ridge has the largest intact old-growth Douglas fir forest in California.”
  • “Rainbow Ridge includes about 1,100 acres of old-growth Douglas fir and associated hardwoods, perhaps the largest extant tract of this forest type.  Some of the firs are 300 years old, but they may not be around forever.”

TONGASS NATIONAL FOREST – The world’s largest remaining old-growth coastal temperate rainforest

Tongass National Forest

Tongass Scene

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Ninth Circuit Court Clears Way for Big Thorne Timber Project 
– SitNews, 5.24.17
16-year phaseout of Tongass old-growth logging begins in 2017 – KTOO, 12.9.16 


Georgia ForestWatch Comments on the Cooper Creek Draft Environmental Assessment – Georgia Forest Watch, 2.5.16

  • “Stand 633-18 contains existing old-growth, so it should not be thinned.” 
  • “We were disturbed to see that both alternatives still call for cutting existing old-growth. In a meeting on 6/22/15, we notified the district that old-growth forest occupies the central part of 633-018 and extends slightly into 633-019. This forest is easily identifiable as existing old-growth.” 
  • “Conversely, the four stands in the analysis area that have been previously identified in Georgia ForestWatch surveys as existing old-growth are not proposed to be allocated to old-growth management. These old-growth stands occupy parts of 398-024, 402-014, 403-007, 630-006, 630-007, 632-001, 633-033, 633-039, and 633-041.” 
  • “We also encourage the District to further explain the basis for determining that 504-009 is not existing old-growth. This stand was excluded based on human disturbance, but there is no explanation in the Draft EA or the Old-growth Analysis process paper of what specifically the human disturbances were and why they were determined to excessively conflict with old-growth characteristics.” 


BOHM WOODS BUFFER – Effort advocating for the relocation of a planned 468 bed student housing complex on land adjacent to Bohm Woods State Nature Preserve, the only old-growth forest remaining in Madison County, IL

Grassroots Facebook Page
 Petition –
Fundraiser – GoFundMe
Petition Aims To Stop Development Near Edwardsville Woods 
– CBS St. Louis, 2.13.17 
New potential housing development (next to Bohm Woods) receives mixed feelings – The Alestle, 1.12.17

 – A proposed logging project in the Kootenai National Forest on 2,100+ acres including 136 acres of old-growth forest, and fuel treatment in 3,351 acres of old-growth forest

 Kootenai NF Logging Proposal Includes Old Growth – Daily Inter Lake, 11.14.16

USFS seeks comment on Starry Goat Project – News Bonners Ferry, 11.15.16 

  • “Approximately 136 acres of harvest treatments are proposed within old growth and 113 acres of treatment within recruitment potential old growth. There would be 3,351 acres of fuels treatments proposed within old-growth stands or portions of those stands.” 
  • “Proposed Starry Goat activities would impact approximately 1,372 acres of existing grizzly bear core, nearly all of which is associated with harvest access and haul on currently barriered roads.”
  • “The draft environmental impact statement is expected in June 2017 and the final environmental impact statement is expected in December 2017.”

◊ Starry Goat Project: A Notice by the Forest Service – Federal Register, 11.7.16 

  • “The Forest Service will consider a range of alternatives. One of these will be the “no action” alternative in which none of the proposed action would be implemented. Additional alternatives may be included in response to issues raised by the public during the scoping process or due to additional concerns for resource values identified by the interdisciplinary team.”

Legal Notices, Scoping Map, Public Comment Room, Etc. – U.S. Forest Service

– Ongoing protection effort that stopped the sale of OR State Forest land (92,000 acres) that includes old-growth

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Everything you need to know about the Elliott State Forest’s future – Oregon Live, 5.12.17 


 ‘Friends of Big Ivy’ work to protect wilderness area – WLOS, 8.22.17

  • “Big Ivy is too special,” said Will Harlan, a nearby resident and founding member of the nonprofit Friends of Big Ivy. “It’s an old-growth forest, 4000 acres of old growth, 40 rare and endangered species. It’s a recreation hub. This just wasn’t the place for logging.”


STADIUM WOODS – Ongoing effort to permanently protect the old-growth forest at VA Tech (11 acres)

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 Stadium Woods plan released, debate continues 
– Roanoke Times, 9.29.16